Why McDunnough?

We take care of your industrial scrap materials

McDunnough, Inc. – The nation’s leading Industrial Plastic Recovery, Plastic Recycler, and Recycled Materials Supplier. This is what we do and our high level of responsiveness and service makes your job easier. This is our specialty. In the world of Industrial Plastic Recycling, McDunnough, Inc. is a global leader in recycling post-industrial plastic waste and bi-product management. We design a custom-made program for your company, to recover your post-industrial scrap materials. Let us manage the entire process in conjunction with your team to ensure that your plastic parts, purge, runners, sprues, or regrind are taken care of, so these products may find a new life as recycled resin. Also, ask us about our closed-loop recycling programs, bringing your scrap products back in for your reuse.

We supply the highest quality, recycled resin in the industry.

When it comes to industrial resin recycling, we process, test and produce the highest quality recycled materials in the industry. By supplementing your virgin resin with high-quality recycled resin, manufacturers significantly slash production and total manufacturing costs while saving time, energy, and the environment.


Recycling Your Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap establishes your company as an environmentally responsible, Green corporation.

Our society is demanding that manufacturers keep scrap materials out of landfills. As a disposable nation, we have become much more aware of the finite nature of our natural resources and the implications that waste plastics can have on our environment. We are taking responsibility for the future of our world for generations to come. McDunnough, Inc. specializes in establishing easy-to-implement, fully integrated industrial plastic scrap recycling programs.

By using McDunnough, Inc. as your preferred industrial plastic recycler your company is recognized as an environmentally responsible corporation and you save time, money, and energy in the process. Additionally, we can support your establishment, documentation, and receipt of Carbon Credits. Ask one of our plastics professionals for more information.