McDunnough, Inc.

Global Leaders in Industrial Plastic Recycling

At McDunnough, Inc., we are experts in Industrial Plastic Recovery, Plastic Recycling, and the supply of Recycled Materials. Our exceptional level of responsiveness and service makes your job easier, and this is precisely what we specialize in. McDunnough, Inc. is a global leader in the world of Industrial Plastic Recycling, and we specialize in recycling post-industrial plastic waste and managing bi-products. We provide a customized program for your business that allows us to recover your post-industrial scrap materials, and we manage the entire process in partnership with your team. This ensures that your plastic parts, purge, runners, sprues, or regrind are appropriately taken care of and given a new life as recycled resin. Additionally, we offer closed-loop recycling programs, where we take back your scrap products for your reuse. So, contact us today to learn more about our recycling services.