Polysulfone is a transparent, amorphous thermoplastic that is stable, heat-resistant, and self-extinguishing, and can be molded, extruded, and thermoformed into a wide variety of shapes. Drying is required before processing. Polysulfone is rigid, with a flex modulus of almost 400,000 psi, and strong, with a tensile strength of 10,200 psi at yield. Its electrical properties are good; it has a high dielectric strength and a low dissipation factor. Mineral-filled and glass-reinforced grades of polysulfone are offered where additional strength is required.

PSO is used in medical instruments and in sterilizing equipment. Its high-temperature capabilities and transparency are useful in the food industry, where it is used for processing equipment coffee carafes, beverage dispensers, and piping. It is also used to mold microwave oven cookware. In the electronics field, PSO goes into circuit boards, capacitor films, switches and connectors.